noMADs @ MJW walking exhibition 2017


This year, 4 curious inquisitive master students Object & Jewellery from Hasselt (BE) explore the idea of an Urban Nomad. This is a modern traveller who continuously moves between big cities, looking for new career challenges.
As noMADs they will be visiting the exhibitions of this year’s edition of MJW. Driven by a deep interest for what is going on in the field of contemporary jewellery, they will report and comment on what they see via social media. They will be online 24/7 and you can follow them on ‘Facebook/Nomads at MJW or ‘Instagram/Nomads at MJW.
At the same time, these young urban travellers from the PXL-MAD School of arts will carry around their own mobile exhibition with a sneak peak of their final master projects.
This is their attempt to engage people in an inspiring exchange of ideas according to the principle ‘we follow you, you follow us’. You can meet them in person in the streets of Munich between March the 8th and 12th. They are always open for critical conversations!
Anyone who crosses their path will receive a token of the meeting and become part of the noMADs-community.

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Nomads @ Galerie Shanghai

Nomads (Moana Andreani Kristy Bujanic Lara Ceuterick Pia David) with our lovely tutor Gésine Hackenberg @ Galerie Shanghai, with work Jing Yang (Keine Vase)