01-05-19 Artist talk at the BJC, Baltimore MD (USA)

08-04-19 Artist in Residency @ Baltimore Jewelry Centre (USA) for 3 months

10-03-18 I'll be representing Belgium's jewellery design at the Talente 2018 

              @ IHM Munich, Hall B1!

16-02-18 I attended Inhorgenta as an exhibitor for the first time @ the                             'MAD about Inhorgenta' stand as alumni from PXL-MAD Hasselt (BE)

28-09-17 My very first printed article in a magazine!

12-09-17 I've been selected as a 'Selected Graduate 2017' by Klimt02

28-08-17 Alliages published an interview with me!

18-06-17 I've been shortlisted for the Wanatoeprize 2017 as 1 out of 10 from 143 masterprojects !

17-06-17 My very first publication about my masterproject "The Cabinet of Love for a bit of Fluff" 

07-03-17 'NoMADs' at MJW 2017 by Klimt02

In ZeitForm magazine